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A Better Way to Fight Cybercrime: The Consortium

Battling cybercrime in the financial services industry can be downright scary. Threat actors are continuously evolving new phishing or ransomware campaigns on banks and credit unions.

Aug 12, 2020

You Never Know When You'll Need A SAR

Credit unions are beginning to interact with examiners again, this time remotely. This does not change the importance of BSA review and the potential write-ups regarding the need to file Suspicious Activity Reports (SARs). It’s understood that some institutions are in very stable, closed communities that have little traffic or transients.
Jul 27, 2020

Post-COVID Mortgage Lending Requirements

We are living in fast-changing times. Lenders that fail to meet the changing demands of their borrowers will be ill-equipped to compete for their business.
Jul 23, 2020

Cybersecurity for Credit Unions 101. Compliance, Best Practices, and Infrastructure.

The role of cybersecurity in the credit union industry is primarily one of protecting member data against unauthorized and/or malicious access. Data includes identity of an individual, a credit union, a business, or an accounting function, or any combination thereof, that could be used in an exploitative manner.
Jun 2, 2020

CUs go above and beyond to serve members, shared branching members during pandemic

It seems the norm during the last few months that as you open an email, listen to a radio announcement, or watch the news, it starts with the same opening over and over: “During these unprecedented times," “during this time of uncertainty,” or “these are challenging times.”
May 22, 2020

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