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Credit unions were built on a cooperative spirit and thrive today because of that collaboration. Credit unions are more than an industry. We are a movement. From networking events and educational meetups to our annual YP Conference, Cornerstone's young professionals program provides opportunities to deepen your involvement with the movement and keep it moving forward. Whether you want to dip a toe or dive in headfirst, Cornerstone is here for you.

Become a Registered Credit Union Young Professional

Registering as a Credit Union Young Professional simply gets you on the emailing list. You will start to receive YP-related communications as well as personal invitations to events. You may join as many or as few events as you wish.

Take It a Step Further: Become a Chapter Delegate

Being a Chapter Delegate is a way to get more involved on the chapter level and serve as the liaison between the chapter leadership and other YPs in the area. Responsibilities could include promoting chapter and other events to YPs, planning YP meetups, and serving on the chapter board. If you would be interested in this, check the box when registering as a CUYP. If you are already registered, please email

Become a Crasher

Crashing a conference is an experience like no other. It is an immersion into learning, networking, and growing. Being a Crasher can jumpstart your career and your passion over the course of a several-day conference.

Gary D. Parker Legacy Scholarship

The Cornerstone Lending and Collections Council offers the Gary D. Parker Legacy Scholarship for one young professional to attend the Southwest Lending and Collections Conference. The scholarship covers the conference registration fee and three nights’ lodging at the Hotel Contessa. Only one scholarship will be awarded. Applicants must be 40 years or younger and an employee of a credit union in Cornerstone League’s five-state region. 

Become an Advisor

Advisors are CUYPs that are ready to take on a leadership role among their fellow CUYPs. YP Advisors are selected from across the region to serve two-year terms. They not only advise CUYPs on ways to be involved but also as advisors to Cornerstone on how to better support our CUYPs. They are responsible for engaging CUYPs at a local level, planning and hosting CUYP virtual and in-person meetups, communicating with CUYPs, and representing CUYPs at Cornerstone events.

Advisors are selected by an application process in the fall of odd-numbered years.

Attend the YP Conference

Young Professionals ConferenceWhat better way to see what CUYPs are about than attending a conference designed specifically for young professionals? From the content to the format, every detail of the YP Conference is designed to give young professionals a conference experience that is relevant to them and where they are in their careers. You will hear from inspiring speakers, spend valuable time networking with other YPs, have meaningful discussions during the popular power hour sessions, and leave with tons of information to take back to your credit union. 

The YP Conference is normally held in May. Keep an eye on our events calendar for more details.


Check out our tools page to find toolkits to help with networking, talking about the CUYP program, and hosting events.

Upcoming Events

Check out the recordings of our previous virtual meetups on the Tools page.

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