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Regulatory Priorities

As part of regulatory advocacy, Cornerstone sets the priority issues we will pursue on behalf of member credit unions. These issues often become priorities because lawmakers are considering new legislation that will become law or regulators are writing proposals to implement those laws as new rules. We regularly coordinate our efforts with our system partner Credit Union National Association.

Before these rules become final, the regulating authorities (NCUA, CFPB, FASB, etc.) call for comments from stakeholders like credit unions and their associations, by a certain deadline. We post our comment letters here, so you can (a) see the messages we deliver to our regulators and lawmakers on your behalf and (b) encourage you to use the letters as a model for sending your own comments.

The more vocal and united are the people directly affected by the proposed rules and regulations, the more likely the policymakers are to reconsider their proposals and make the changes we request in our letters. So, for our regulatory advocacy efforts to make the most impact, we strongly urge you to get involved.

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Comment Calls

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Cornerstone Comment Letters

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Meeting Summaries

Regulatory Meeting Summaries

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