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Meet the YP Advisors

Smiling person with dark facial hair and short hair wearing a blue sportcoat and unbuttoned white dress shirt.

Abram Rodriguez

Industry experience: Nine years

Outside of work you’ll find me hanging out with my wife and daughter. I love to watch sports and pitching in with various community groups. 


Smiling person with curled dark hair wearing a light purple blazer over a blue scoop neck shirt

Alex Mahomes

Industry experience: Three years

Life outside of the credit union consists of raising one daughter, competitive cheer, traveling and spending time with family.

Person with very short dark hair and a well-polished beard and goatee wearing a purple polo buttoned all the way up.

Brandon Richardson

Industry experience: 13 years

I find joy in bringing smiles to people’s faces and brightening their day.  I love investing in my personal and professional growth, whether it’s bowling and tennis for recreation or enhancing my leadership skills through reading and insightful videos. 

Smiling person with long blond hair styled in loose curls wearing a polka dot red blouse.

Brittney Swain

Industry experience: Seven years

I am passionate about the credit union movement. Helping make a difference while spreading kindness and compassion is my goal. I am also a proud wife and mother to two energetic boys. In my free time, I enjoy baking, event planning and traveling.

Smiling person with braided long dark hair highlighted with caramel wearing a colorful patterned blazer over a black scoop neck shirt.

Dawn Johnson

Industry experience: Eight years

I have a passion for everything related to credit unions. My ultimate dream is to explore the world, immersing myself in new experiences and learning along the way. 

Person with long auburn hair wearing a geometric white and black top and glasses

Janie Soto

Industry experience: Nine years

I am a mom of two beautiful children, a dog mom to our spoiled Dalmatian and a wifey. Early bird gets the worm, so I enjoy working out at 5 a.m. and caffeine is my addiction to help me get through my day. 

Smiling person with short hair and full red beard wearing gray blazer and white unbuttoned dress shirt

Jarrod Lamont

Industry experience: Two years

I am a father of two handsome boys. I enjoy coaching my son’s baseball team and being outdoors. I am also on a traveling men’s fastpitch team.  

Person with shoulder length light brown hair wearing a black blazer.

Jessica Cranke

Industry experience: Six years

I live in Broken Arrow, OK, with my husband and two dachshunds. I love to read, watch movies, travel, and ride motorcycles. 

Smiling person with short light brown hair and closely trimmed facial hair wearing a red vest over a white shirt.

Justin Jones

Industry experience: Nine years

I have been in the credit union industry for nine years, all of which have been with Texoma Community Credit Union. In my free time, I enjoy traveling and spending time with family and friends. 

Smiling person with long dark hair with loose curls wearing a bright blue cardigan over a white dress shirt and pearl hoop earrings.

Kaysha Cohen

Industry experience: 16 years

I am currently Assistant Vice President of eCommerce at Neighborhood Credit Union. Outside of work I love traveling, hiking, and reading. 

Natalie Toledo

Natalie Toledo

Industry experience: One year

Currently live in Leavenworth, KS, but I am originally from Orange County, CA. The gym is my second home where I enjoy powerlifting and drinking snickerdoodle protein drinks. 

Smiling person with long blond hair styled in loose curls wearing a white blouse.

Nichole Willis

Industry experience: 12 years

Outside of work I love to travel, try out new restaurants, read books, and spend quality time with my friends and family. 

Person with long straight dark hair wearing a black blazer over a pink scoop neck blouse

Selina Mendez

Industry experience: Six years

I am a proud girl mom and wife. Enjoy reading books, watching reality tv, and shopping until I drop.

Smiling person with loosely curled blond hair wearing a dark blue blazer over a light blue blouse.

Sophie Freeman

Industry experience: Eight years

Proud mom of my eight-year-old daughter Jenny and five-year-old son Logan. Enjoys making charcuterie boards and eating charcuterie boards.

Smiling person with long straight dark hair wearing a red puff sleeve dress

Steffany Rodriguez

Industry experience: 10 years

Proud advocate for spiritual well-being and service over self. Runs on caffeine. I am an adventurous soul and a nerd at heart.

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