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Research Services

From statistical summaries to community feedback and even comprehensive economic profiles, Cornerstone is committed to expanding your credit union's knowledge and wisdom through the sharing of extensive research. We devote a great amount of time in researching the environment for you, and reporting on it through the use of studies, presentations, and white papers.

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Customized Member Surveys

Our customized member surveys deliver valuable data specific to the questions you need answered. For example, we can obtain your members’ input regarding:

  • PFI selection and defection decisions
  • Borrowing patterns and preferences
  • Customer service satisfaction 
  • Technology needs and concerns
  • Pain points at your credit union
  • Your market share for selected products and services
  • Delivery channel preferences
  • Viability of new services
  • Millennial and Gen Z insights
  • Net Promoter Score

Site Selection Profiles

Credit unions considering an expansion into a new geographic area require as much data as possible to understand their potential market. To assist with this need, Cornerstone offers the Site Selection Profile, a compilation of strategic information that will help credit unions determine whether a target area can accommodate a new branch or branches. To add perspective to the profiles, we include national and state-level data.

Typically, the Site Selection Profiles consist of three sections: dominant socio-economic and demographic characteristics; financial institution data; and relevant crime statistics. Each profile gives a detailed view of who resides in your areas of consideration and reveals the total number of business establishments, employees, and annual payroll amounts by business sector.

Focus Groups

In order to provide the best mix of products and services for your members, you must understand your members’ financial wants and needs. And how do you get that understanding? You ask them. Focus groups provide a systematic and productive means of exploring – in-depth – your members’ values, motivations, goals, and behavior with respect to their financial lives.

Focus groups can allow you to:

  • Understand what stimulates, as well as hinders, change among your members
  • Discover how different groups (Millennials, for example) perceive your brand
  • Investigate attitudes toward technology, potential products, or delivery channels
  • Obtain potential solutions to current problems at your credit union
  • Inform decision-making, strategic planning, and resource allocation
  • Focus groups are excellent for obtaining the information necessary for knowing your members and best meeting their needs. 

Employee Surveys

"There are only three measurements that tell you nearly everything you need to know about your organization’s overall performance: employee engagement, customer satisfaction, and cash flow. It goes without saying that no company, small or large, can win over the long run without energized employees who believe in the mission and understand how to achieve it." – Jack Welch, former CEO of General Electric

Business research consistently shows a link between employee satisfaction and factors such as absenteeism, turnover, and quality of service. These issues can impact your bottom line in surprisingly powerful ways. Our employee surveys provide accurate and cost-effective feedback that will benefit everyone, from tellers to the CEO.