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Credit Union Awareness

Credit Union Awareness

Launched in 2019, the Open Your Eyes to a Credit Union® campaign – now known as Your Money Further – is a digital advertising campaign aimed at increasing consumer consideration of credit union membership. Targeting younger consumers via digital ads, the campaign has increased consideration by challenging two widely held myths about credit union membership: “I can't join” and “accessing my money may be hard.”

Since launching in 2019, Credit Union Awareness has successfully exceeded consumer consideration goals by 8 points. In 2022, has gone from 3.5 million sessions to 13 million, which means more consumers are actively completing the consumer journey to the digital front doorstep of participating credit unions.

Become a participant

Your Money Further campaign participants receive benefits which can lead to greater digital visibility for their credit union, higher foot traffic, and an increase in membership. Other program benefits include:

  • locator listing
  • Paid digital advertising campaigns
  • Customizable creative assets available on Contributor Headquarters
  • insights
  • Access to CU Awareness success manager for one-on-one support

Visit or contact CU Awareness Executive Director Chris Lorence to become a participant.

What other participants are saying

Laszlo Tallai

“Our credit union incorporates the Credit Union Awareness campaign’s creative assets to supplement our branding and digital marketing strategy. The visuals work in conjunction with our branding to enhance CFCU’s visibility to those not familiar with the credit union.” 

- Laszlo Tallai, Vice President, Digital Strategy, Communication Federal Credit Union


Kathleen Manning

“We keep a close eye on shifting consumer behavior and it’s important for us to support any efforts geared toward raising credit union awareness among consumers. Not only are our marketing and communications efforts enhanced by the customizable creative assets, but the entire credit union movement benefits from our unified efforts in raising awareness of credit unions as a preferred financial institution option.”

- Kathleen Manning, Marketing and Communications Director, Oklahoma Central Credit Union