Principles & Philosophy Workshop

June 12-14

Leveraging the Credit Union Difference

The Principles & Philosophies that guide credit unions are simply good business. Understanding them and their application will help define the future of the credit union movement and offer the primary differentiators for credit unions in the marketplace.

At this insightful, eye-opening workshop, learn how your credit union can put these foundational concepts to work in everyday operations, helping you to better meet the needs of your members while solidifying the unique role of financial cooperatives in the market.

Course Objectives

  • Understand the history and role of credit unions in the marketplace
  • See how the value of cooperative philosophies apply in the day-to-day operations of your credit union
  • Gain insight on the historical and current social impact of credit unions
  • Understand why credit unions are different and how to leverage that for growth


“I believe the Principles & Philosophies Workshop should be included as part of all-new hire training for credit union staff. The conference was filled with experiential learning activities, energetic speakers, and a variety of information that taught me the importance of the credit union movement. You can connect with credit union employees, learn from their experiences, and see what their branches are doing to serve the community and members.” - Nysha Morgan, Energy Capital CU

"This workshop is one of the very best. I went in with what I thought I was gonna learn and learned it and even more. The workshop was eye-opening and now I have so many ideas to bring back to my Credit Union for our members." - Natalie Ewing, Texoma CU

“The Principles & Philosophy Workshop is encouraging to reinforce the purpose of the credit union difference. Credit unions are helping the communities and even if we do not always see the results, we need to remember our core purpose of people helping people.” - Elizabeth Seelback, Resource One CU

"The Principles & Philosophies Workshop was a very moving experience where we got to dig deep in the meaning behind the credit union movement. It was an eye-opening experience and one I would recommend all credit union staff attend." - Harlie Runner, University & Community FCU








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