Cornerstone League

Small Credit Union Educational Opportunities

At Cornerstone, we understand small credit unions. We know small credit union employees must wear many hats and therefore often struggle to stay up with industry regulations, trends, and technologies. We also know time is limited. Those are just a few of the reasons we put together virtual training sessions that cover a variety of topics tailored to small credit unions.

The webinars are offered as live sessions, but we also record and house them for later, on-demand viewing when it’s more convenient for you. These dues-supported sessions are for all small credit union staff and volunteers to take advantage of when, where, and as often as needed.

Upcoming Training Specifically for Small CUs

    Webinar: Seven Lessons Learned in Contract Negotiation


    Learn valuable tips to improve bargaining position and avoid pitfalls around vendor management practices and supplier negotiation. Real examples will be discussed to show institutions how to uncover hidden costs and enhance the revenue associated with their debit card portfolio.

    Webinar: Supervisory Committee Overview


    Learn how to hold a credit union's board of directors and staff accountable and for operating according to sound business, ethical, and regulatory standards.

    Webinar: Asset & Investment Management Training


    Learn to navigate the complex landscape of investment options, all while adhering to regulatory guidelines. This webinar is designed to equip you with the knowledge and strategies needed to excel in credit union investments.

Cornerstone holds educational opportunities for small credit unions throughout the year. Keep checking back for more events.