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Cornerstone League members’ continued success is our priority. As a five-state league, we strongly believe that we are united for a stronger tomorrow. Our fortified organization is paving the way for countless possibilities for our members. 

Map of the United States with Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Kansas and Missouri highlighted
Discover the benefits and possibilities that Cornerstone League membership affords your credit union.

The Cornerstone Region Over 14.7 million members, 695 credit unions, $209 billion in total assets, 39,218 employees

Benefits of Membership

One League. Countless Possibilities. Cornerstone membership allows all member credit union staff and volunteers access to league benefits including proactive advocacy efforts, expert regulatory and compliance assistance, professional development for all staff and volunteers, and engagement and networking opportunities through councils, chapters, and events.

Your membership also provides access to our premier league service corporation and nationally recognized charitable foundation. 

The strength of our unified, five-state league lies in coming together to move your credit union forward and create solutions to the industry’s challenges.


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    The Compliance hotline is something I consider very valuable and the League’s advocacy efforts are very helpful. Cornerstone also has a great training and education department."

    – Leader of an Arkansas credit union, under $15M

    "I don't know how any CU could make it on their own without the help of the League in keeping up with current events, compliance, advocacy, etc.”

    – Leader of a Kansas credit union, $15M-$100M

    “The strong leadership and partnership that Cornerstone has with their credit unions is a beneficial partner to have on hand to help the success of credit unions and remaining a viable option in the banking sector.”

    – Leader of a Missouri credit union, $100M-$350M

    “Cornerstone League has always been a great support for compliance and asset and liability management.  They are a great resource for the small credit unions. We believe in our League and appreciate the support and training we receive.”

    – Leader of an Oklahoma credit union, over $15-$100M

    “I think it is important for every credit union to be a member of its local trade association.  Everyone should pay their fair share in ensuring that credit unions remain viable and protected in the years to come. I won't work for a credit union that is not affiliated with its local trade association.”

    – Leader of a Texas credit union, over $100M-$350M


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