Cornerstone League

Hall of Fame

The Hall of Fame was created to honor those in the credit union movement who reflect a history of service to credit unions. Nominees are selected for their records of achievement within their own credit union and for achievements that have benefited many credit unions. These persons are inducted into the Hall of Fame because they have been key players in organizing and running credit unions. Beyond that, they contributed to other credit unions through service to the chapters, Cornerstone, and in some cases, the Credit Union National Association.

Eligibility & Nomination Procedures

Cornerstone member credit union employees and volunteers are eligible for this award. Please note that credit union professionals no longer employed by a credit union and volunteers who enjoyed distinguished careers in the movement are also eligible for this award program.

2022 nomination deadline has passed.


2022 Inductee

Previous Years

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If you have any questions, please contact Brandon Walker at 800-442-5762, ext. 6426.