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J.D. Power Values

NADA Used Car Guide valuations are changing their name to J.D. Power Values

J.D. Power

For over half a century J.D. Power data has been trusted by customers to provide insights into the marketplace that help them, and their businesses succeed. It’s this same data that our market relies on in the form of J.D. Power’s NADA Used Car Guide branded valuations.

As J.D. Power continues to expand and evolve their valuations offering, they are making a few changes including renaming their guidebooks from NADA Used Car Guide to J.D. Power and redesigning their printed and online products. But, rest assured, that’s all that is changing – J.D. Power Values will continue to provide the same accuracy and reliability they always have as NADA Used Car Guide valuations to ensure your business can remain strong and steady into the future.

Available Guides

  • Cars (new and used)
  • Motorcycle/snowmobile/ATV and personal water crafts
  • Classic, collectible, and special interest cars
  • Boats
  • Recreational vehicles
  • Van/truck conversions and limousines


Internet Access

J.D. Power Values' business-to-business website is fast becoming a credit union’s primary source for car loan valuations nationwide. There are many good reasons to purchase internet access to the website, including:

  • New vehicle invoice and MSRP data
  • Look up values quickly and accurately
  • Enter a VIN or click on year, make, etc.
  • Automatic adjustments for mileage and accessories
  • Values may be printed for your file and/or your members
  • Consistent results from user to user
  • One license covers all users at all of your branches

Order Internet Access

Signing up for this pass gives you two free days of internet access to the actual business-to-business website. Here you can look up actual J.D. Power pricing for the vehicle of your choice.


J.D. Power Value Books

Official Used Car Guide

Used Car Guide gives seven years of trade-in, retail, and loan values for cars and light duty trucks. This guide updates monthly.

Official Older Used Car Guide

The Older Car Guide gives trade-in, retail, and loan values for cars and light duty trucks for the past twelve years. This guide updates quarterly.

Recreational Vehicle Appraisal Guide

The R.V. guide offers J.D. Power used wholesale and retail values and suggested list prices as far back as 1989. This guide  updates quarterly.

Motorcycle/Snowmobile/ATV/Personal Watercraft Appraisal Guide

The Motorcycle Guide offers average retail values and suggested retail for the past 21 years. It also offers mileage charts, model/manufacturer cross references, and more. This guide updates quarterly.

Marine Appraisal Guide

The Marine Guide gives 14 years of marine appraisal for boats 7-75 feet long, yachts, houseboats and more. This guide updates quarterly.

Classic, Collectible, and Special Interest Car Appraisal Guide

The Classic Car Guide gives eighty years of classic car values and sixty years for exotic makes. This guide updates quarterly and contains over 650 pages of information.

Van/Truck Conversion and Limousine Appraisal Guide

The Van/Limo Guide gives 23 years of van and truck values and 17 years of limousine values. It offers J.D. Power used wholesale and retail values as well as suggested list prices for van and truck conversions. This guide updates three times per year.

Order J.D. Power Values Guides

Listed pricing apply only during the renewal months of January and September. Prices may vary after the renewal period is over due to pro-rated costs.

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