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Lawmakers have the power to change the credit union landscape with the stroke of a pen. Cornerstone Credit Union League is your advocate in the legislative and regulatory world, manning the front lines in the state capitals and Washington - in the hearings, offices, and hallways - safeguarding the interests of credit unions and ensuring that financial cooperatives continue to flourish. By developing long-term legislative strategies, maintaining vigilance with regulatory agencies, keeping League members informed of developments, magnifying the voice of credit unions everywhere, your League works to preserve an environment in which credit unions not only exist, but thrive.

Upcoming Advocacy Events

Advocacy Survey Results

The 2018 Advocacy Study was conducted to understand where member credit unions stand on a number of topics related to our political, legislative and regulatory efforts. All member credit unions were invited to complete the survey online.

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ImPACt Award

The ImPACt AWARD is the highest-level ADVOCACY award that a credit union or individual can receive for their participation in political action fundraising and grassroots activity.

Winners are recognized at Annual Meeting.

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Legislative Updates

Cornerstone has created summaries detailing our legislative efforts on behalf of member credit unions.

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Action Center

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Grassroots campaigns and PAC promotions aren't just ideals; they're the daily work of the Cornerstone Credit Union League. We advance the credit union mission and foster the public trust via multilayered grassroots efforts, PAC fundraising with sustained giving, and community involvement. Through our network of legislative coordinators, participation in special events with lawmakers, and strategic activities designed to strengthen our political influence, we strive to positively impact the current financial climate and the future health of credit unions.

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One of the primary goals of the Cornerstone Credit Union League is to advocate on behalf of the credit unions in Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Texas. An important aspect of advocacy is engaging our members to participate. Contributing to PAC is just one way you can and SHOULD participate in the political process!

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Project Zip Code

Project Zip Code is a secure and user-friendly program that counts your credit union members and matches them by state legislative district, congressional district, and county.

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CUNA Member Activation Program

CUNA has partnered with credit unions on an extensive research project to better understand the impact of advocacy-related communications.

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