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Lawmakers have the power to change the credit union landscape with the stroke of a pen. Cornerstone is your advocate in the legislative and regulatory world, manning the front lines in the state capitals and Washington - in the hearings, offices, and hallways - safeguarding the interests of credit unions and ensuring that financial cooperatives continue to flourish. By developing long-term legislative strategies, maintaining vigilance with regulatory agencies, keeping League members informed of developments, magnifying the voice of credit unions everywhere, Cornerstone works to preserve an environment in which credit unions not only exist, but thrive.

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Legislative Priorities

Legislative advocacy efforts at the state and national level.


Regulatory Priorities

Regulatory relief efforts at the state and national level.


Action Center

Opportunities for credit unions to get involved and show support.

Political Action Committees (PACs)

Rep Mark Alford with visiting Missourians

Grassroots Programs

Find ways to make your voice heard and help strengthen the movement.

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