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At Cornerstone Credit Union League we offer a wide array of services, both dues supported and fee based, which are designed to help your credit union gain greater efficiency and effectiveness in serving your members. These services enhance our goal of being the essential partner in your credit union's success.

Credit Union Resources

Credit Union Resources serves as the service corporation for Cornerstone's member credit unions. Some of the services Resources offers include:

Credit Union Resources has what you need, at a price you can afford. The goal of Credit Union Resources is to be the leading provider of business solutions for the credit union community.

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Economic Report

The Economic Report, a supplement to the Personalized Performance Report, is a valuable tool which incorporates Cornerstone-driven results with narrative that addresses time-sensitive topics and a listing of top-performing credit unions across our region.

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Strategic Assessment Initiative

The Strategic Assessment Initiative (SAI) is designed to provide an opportunity for credit unions to perform a self-diagnosis of their organization. Based upon your own assessment, you will be able to access resources, tools, educational opportunities, and vendors which address your area(s) of interest.

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League Consultants

Your League Consultant serves as your personal, day-to-day link between Cornerstone Credit Union League and your credit union. The goal of League Consultants is to initiate contact and/or visit with each credit union on a regular basis.

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Asset/Liability Management

The mission of Asset/Liability Management (ALM) is to provide analysis, instruction, and guidance in the area of asset/liability management in order to promote the financial well being of Cornerstone's member credit unions. To accomplish its mission, ALM offers both dues supported and fee based services.

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Small Credit Union Resources

With a large percentage of credit unions in Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Texas designated as small credit unions, Cornerstone Credit Union League has dedicated many resources to help these credit unions thrive, grow, and continue to succeed. Small Credit Union Resources is poised to assist in meeting the needs of all smaller institutions and help them address their unique challenges and identify their opportunities.

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From statistical summaries to community feedback and even comprehensive economic profiles, the Cornerstone Credit Union League is committed to expanding your credit union's knowledge and wisdom through the sharing of extensive research. We devote a great amount of time in researching the environment for you, and reporting on it through the use of studies, presentations, and white papers.

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