Cornerstone Advocacy

Member Activation Program

CUNA MAPAmerica's Credit Unions has partnered with credit unions on an extensive research project to better understand the impact of advocacy-related communications. Surveying over 70,000 credit union members in 2014, we found that advocacy communications not only succeed in activating CU members but also increase members’ loyalty bond with their credit union.

Visit the Americas Credit Union website to learn more about this program.

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What's In It For Me?


Not only is this an advocacy tool, it’s a way to educate your members on the credit union difference.

More Engagement

Advocacy communications make members feel more connected to your credit union.

More Business

82% of members are more inclined to do business with your credit union after receiving advocacy communications.

More Satisfaction

Self‐described credit union “members” view credit unions 89% more favorably than banks.

"Engaging members to advocate for our credit unions is important. Often our elected representatives don’t realize the impact of regulations on our members and community yet they will be voting for or against those measures. There is greatness in numbers and real voices. Our members can make a positive impact for common sense regulations and similar initiatives for all credit unions by making their voices heard because our elected officials will pay attention."

Crystal Long, CEO, GECU

Participating Credit Unions

Alcoa Community FCU
Alliance CU
Alltru CU
America's CU
American Airlines FCU
Arbuckle FCU
Arsenal CU
Assemblies of God CU
Azura CU
Bluestem Community CU
Border FCU
Bothwell Hospital Emp CU
Caprock FCU
Central Missouri Community CU
Cherokee Strip CU
City Public Service/IBEW FCU
Combined FCU
Communication FCU
Community Resource CU
Community Service CU
CommunityAmerica CU
Corner Stone CU
Cosden FCU
Credit Human FCU
Credit Union of America
Doches CU
Domino FCU
Eastex CU
Education CU
Education First FCU
Electro Savings CU
Envista CU
First Abilene FCU
First Central CU
First Missouri CU
First Oklahoma FCU
First Service CU
FirstLight FCU
Fort Sill FCU
Fort Worth City CU
Frontier Community CU
Heartland CU
Houston FCU
Houston Highway CU
Houston Texas Fire Fighters FCU
Hurricane Creek FCU
Kansas City CU
KC Fairfax FCU
Mainstreet CU
Mazuma CU
Members 1st CU
Members Trust of the Southwest FCU
Meritrust CU
Mid American CU
Missouri Central CU
Missouri CU
Missouri Valley FCU
MO Electric Cooperatives Emp CU
Mobiloil FCU
Multipli CU
Muskogee FCU
My Community FCU
Neighborhood CU
Oklahoma's CU
One Source FCU
Our Mother of Mercy Parish FCU
Patriot CU
Pine FCU
Port of Houston Whse FCU
Raiz FCU
Rally CU
Red River Emp FCU
Resource One CU
River City FCU
River Region CU
Rocket FCU
San Patricio County Teachers FCU
Santa Fe FCU
Security First CU
Shared Resources CU

Skyward CU
South Texas FCU
Southland FCU
Southwest 66 CU
Southwest Financial FCU
Space City CU
St. Louis Community CU
Star of Texas CU
Success FCU
Tarrant County's CU
TelComm CU
Texans CU
Texas Assn of Professionals FCU
Texas People FCU
Texoma Community CU
The People’s FCU
Tinker FCU
Together CU
True Sky CU
Truity CU
TruService Community FCU
Tyler City Emp CU
United Consumers CU
United CU
United Texas CU
University FCU
UP Arkansas FCU
Vantage CU
Wellby Financial
WesTex Community CU
Wheat State CU
White Eagle CU
Wichita FCU
Windthorst FCU