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Are you ready to experience conferences like you never have before? Do you want to learn and network with peers in a unique environment? Do you want to go where you aren’t traditionally invited? If you answered yes, it sounds like you want to be a Crasher!

Cornerstone Crash Events

Cornerstone has just the opportunity for you through our own Crash events:

Crash Hike the Hill

Hike the Hill

Cornerstone Advocacy is extending an opportunity for five young credit union professionals to attend the annual Hike the Hill in Washington, D.C. Along with Cornerstone Advocacy and other credit union professionals, the selected crashers will spend three days meeting with legislators and regulators. Crashers will also attend special sessions to help them understand the reasons we advocate, what happens when we don’t advocate, and how we can make the most of our meetings with lawmakers and policymakers. 


Gives credit union young professionals the opportunity to experience the premier Cornerstone conference generally reserved for credit union industry leaders: ELEVATE: Credit Union Leadership Summit. Crashers are encouraged to interact and learn from seasoned professionals while attending the regular conference sessions and events along with special “crasher-only” breakout sessions.


Reverse Crash

Invites credit union CEOs to see the future of the movement in action at the Young Professionals Conference. This event gives CEO Reverse Crashers the platform to mentor the next generation of leaders and network with the credit union industry's rising stars.

Next generation of CU Smart Leaders

Other Crash Events

Cornerstone also encourages young professionals to take advantage of other Crash events:

Crash the Governmental Affairs Conference

Crash the GAC is a non-stop, career-changing program for credit union emerging leaders and young professionals that allows them to participate in the industry’s largest advocacy conference with complimentary registration, exclusive networking opportunities, leadership development opportunities, and mentoring sessions with industry leaders.



Filene Events


Filene offers a number of other Crash opportunities throughout the year.

About the Crash Program

Several years ago, credit union young professionals decided they wanted to be included and attend large credit union conferences traditionally reserved for more seasoned staff. While they were viewed as unconventional conference attendees, that did not stop them from taking a stance and “crashing” the event. A group of credit union young professionals worked collectively to share their voice and express their desired to participate in various events. This initial “crash” has helped open conversations about getting credit union young professionals involved in the movement with more seasoned industry leaders.

In the time since, these original “crashers” blazed a trail. The Crash Program has been adopted across the movement, welcoming credit union young professionals to a number of events. The once “crashers” are now a welcomed addition at many conferences and meetings. The fresh perspective of young professionals offers an enlightening experience for all.

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