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Political Action Committees

The Cornerstone Credit Union League has three registered state PACs:  Arkansas Credit Union Political Action Committee (ARCUPAC), Oklahoma Credit Union Political Action Committee (OCUPAC), and Texas Cornerstone Credit Union League Political Action Committee (TCCUL PAC).



What is a PAC?

PAC stands for political action committee. PACs are organized for the express purpose of raising and spending money to help elect or defeat political candidates, depending on whether they support our cause. Our goal is to support candidates who can champion credit unions.

Why is a PAC important?

A PAC is the legal mechanism that allows like-minded individuals (credit union employees, members, and volunteers) to pool their money to show their support of candidates at the state and federal level who are friendly to credit unions. Your contributions to PAC allow us to have a greater impact with candidates than you could make as an individual. Contributing to PAC is not only a contribution but an investment--an investment in your credit union AND an investment in your future.

Chairman's Circle

The Chairman’s Circle recognizes financial supporters who contribute a minimum of $1,500 per year to one of our political action committees (ARCUPAC, OCUPAC, TCCUL PAC).

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