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Midsize Credit Union Support

Customized approach to Cornerstone’s member credit unions with $100M-750M in assets.

The Cornerstone Midsize Credit Union Engagement program provides exclusive opportunities to maximize your Cornerstone membership and addresses the unique challenges facing midsize financial cooperatives.

In our region, credit unions with assets between $100M-$750M make up approximately 25% of Cornerstone’s membership.

Benefits of the program include: 
  • Virtual and in-person opportunities to engage with industry thought leaders
  • Personal engagement opportunities with Cornerstone executive team members
  • Exclusive meetings with elected officials (facilitated by Cornerstone staff), plus more advocacy engagement like PAC check deliveries
  • Opportunities to participate in the Midsize CU Advisory Group

Midsize Credit Unions Educational Opportunities

As a midsize credit union, you may face unique challenges. We offer opportunities that focus on midsize credit unions’ specific needs and offer networking opportunities with your peers.

Upcoming Training Specifically for Midsize Credit Unions

Events details will be added throughout the year.

2024 Midsize Credit Union Advisory Group Meeting

Advisory group meeting – 1st quarter - date TBD
Advisory group meeting – 2nd quarter - date TBD
Advisory group meeting – 3rd quarter - date TBD
Advisory group meeting – 4th quarter - date TBD


Webinar – 1st quarter - date TBD
Webinar – 2nd quarter - date TBD
Webinar – 3rd quarter - date TBD
Webinar – 4th quarter - date TBD



Midsize Credit Union Advisory Group

Member insight is especially valuable to Cornerstone’s executive team. Advisory Group members have several opportunities to provide feedback regarding Cornerstone service components and value proposition, and hear about new services and opportunities. 

Midsize Advisory Group members ($100-$750M)

Mike Delker

Mike Delker
CU Relations SVP

Gretchen Ziegler

Gretchen Ziegler
CU Relations VP

For more information about the midsize credit union program, contact Mike Delker or Gretchen Ziegler. 

Not a Member?

This service is a Cornerstone League member benefit. If your credit union is not currently a member and you would like to learn more, visit the Benefits of Membership page.