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Fraud Council

Protect your credit union and members and stay one step ahead of pesky fraudsters. Be alerted of the latest illegal activities and share strategies and ideas to safeguard your financial institution.

The purpose of the Fraud Council is to make a safe space for its members to discuss and share information to prevent fraudulent transactions which may cause financial and reputational damage to credit unions.

Due to the sensitive nature of the Fraud Council, please review and understand the Fraud Council Rules and Terms.

If you were receiving Fraud Alerts (Kansas and Missouri credit unions only):

The Fraud Council takes the place of the existing Fraud Alerts you may have been receiving. Any alerts pertaining to fraud will be sent through the Fraud Council messaging platform, which you will receive in your email inbox. You may adjust your email frequency in the Connect platform.

How to submit a Fraud Alert

Visit the Member Tools and Resources page. You must be a current member of the Fraud Council and have access to the Fraud Council community to submit a fraud alert. Not a member? Join here.


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  Upcoming Events

The council program holds networking and educational events throughout the year. Keep checking back for more events.

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Executive Committee

Brenda Ritchie
UNIFY Financial CU

Committee Member
Clay Dickerson
Natural State FCU

Committee Member
Andrea Lawrence
Mid American CU

Committee Member
Christina Schmitt
Envista CU

Committee Member
Lisa Ellison
Electro Savings CU

Committee Member
John Hopkins
Vantage CU

Committee Member
Annette Leeth
True Sky FCU

Committee Member
Nicole Ponteri

Committee Member
Jeff Sullins
Weokie FCU

Committee Member
Tamara Johnson
Brazos Valley Schools CU

League Liaisons

Council Liaison
Nathan Behncke
Cornerstone League

Council Liaison
Sarah Easley
Cornerstone League

Council Liaison
Karrie Harris
Cornerstone Resources

Education & Events Liaison
Brandon Walker
Cornerstone League
800-442-5762, ext. 6426

Council Membership/Tech Support
Cristina Martinez
Cornerstone League
800-442-5762, ext. 6403

Council Oversight/Liaison Supervisor
Sarah Bowman
Cornerstone League
800-442-5762, ext. 6423