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Pinnacle Awards

Pinnacle Awards

Pinnacle Awards are presented by Cornerstone's Marketing and Business Development Council and honor your credit unions and staff for their special skills, innovation, time, and resources that contribute to successful marketing campaigns. Award winners are recognized at IMPACT: Cornerstone Annual Meeting.


Award Categories

There are over 20 Pinnacle Award categories to enter. View the list of categories for details.

Award Entry Fees

Credit unions less than $250M in assets: $100
Credit unions $250M - $700M in assets: $115
Credit unions $700M - $1.25B in assets: $130
Credit unions greater than $1.25B: $160

Entries submitted before January 12, 2024 will qualify for a submit three get one free discount.

2023 Pinnacle Award winners

Total number of entries: 145
Number of credit unions represented: 24
Number of judges: 7
Number of categories: 27
Number of award winners: 83

Entries had to score 60% or above to qualify for an award.



Who can submit an entry for a Pinnacle Award?
How do I submit my entries?
What is the qualifying time period for entries?
When do the entries have to be uploaded to the site?
How do I pay for my submission(s)?
Is a credit union allowed to enter the same category multiple times?
Can I enter the same piece in more than one category?
How do I calculate the results on the entry form?
How are the judges chosen?
Is an award given in each category?
How many entries do you receive, and how many awards are given?
Will I receive a write-up from the judges with comments on my entry?
Where will I pick up my award if I win?
Do I have to attend the conference to win?
Are winning entries displayed at the conference?
Are all winning TV and Radio spots played?
Are the non-winners notified after the judging, as well as the winners?
If I can’t attend the conference to receive my award, can a representative accept it on my behalf?
If I can’t attend the conference, can I attend the awards celebration to receive my award?
If I can’t attend the conference, can a representative from my ad agency accept on my behalf?
Who do I contact if I have questions?