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Pinnacle Awards

Pinnacle Awards

Pinnacle Award Winners

The Pinnacle Awards recognize credit unions and their staff for their special skills, innovation, time, and resources in more than 20 categories from advertising campaigns to social media and everything in-between.  

Award winners were selected by a diverse panel of judges based on the achievements of the campaigns.  

The following credit unions received Pinnacle Awards for their achievements in marketing and business development: 

Award Category

Credit Union

Asset Category

Annual ReportsTrue Sky Credit Union$401M-$1B
Annual ReportsTTCU Federal Credit Union$1B+
Annual ReportsCy-Fair Federal Credit Union$101-$400M
Business/SEG/Community DevelopmentNeches FCU$401M-$1B
Brand AwarenessTrue Sky Credit Union$401M-$1B
Brand AwarenessTinker Federal Credit Union$1B+
Card DesignNeighborhood Credit Union$1B+
Card DesignNeches FCU$401M-$1B
Complete CampaignMobiloil$1B+
Complete CampaignCy-Fair Federal Credit Union$101-$400M
Complete CampaignNeches FCU$401M-$1B
Digital MarketingGreater Texas Credit Union$401M-$1B
Direct MailTexas Trust Credit Union$1B+
Direct MailNeches FCU$401M-$1B
Financial EducationGENCO FCU$101-$400M
Financial EducationTexas Trust Credit Union$1B+
Financial EducationGreater Texas Credit Union$401M-$1B
Internal MarketingTrue Sky Credit Union$401M-$1B
Internal MarketingUnity One Credit Union$101-$400M
LogosTrue Sky Credit Union$401M-$1B
Membership MarketingTinker Federal Credit Union$1B+
Membership MarketingTrue Sky Credit Union$401M-$1B
Membership MarketingUnity One Credit Union$101-$400M
NewsletterChocolate Bayou Credit Union$101-$400M
NewsletterTrue Sky Credit Union$401M-$1B
NewsletterTTCU Federal Credit Union$1B+
Outdoor AdvertisingUnity One Credit Union$101-$400M
Outdoor AdvertisingNeches FCU$401M-$1B
Print AdvertisingCy-Fair Federal Credit Union$101-$400M
Print AdvertisingTrue Sky Credit Union$401M-$1B
Print AdvertisingNeighborhood Credit Union$1B+
Public Relations/Community InvolvementTexoma Community Credit Union$101-$400M
Public Relations/Community InvolvementNeches FCU$401M-$1B
Public Relations/Community InvolvementTTCU Federal Credit Union$1B+
Retail MerchandisingEducation Credit Union$101-$400M
Retail MerchandisingNeches FCU$401M-$1B
Segmented or Targeted MarketingTexas Trust Credit Union$1B+
Segmented or Targeted MarketingGreater Texas Credit Union$401M-$1B
Social MediaEducation Credit Union$101-$400M
Social MediaTrue Sky Credit Union$401M-$1B
Social MediaTTCU Federal Credit Union$1B+
Special EventsCy-Fair Federal Credit Union$101-$400M
Special EventsNeches FCU$401M-$1B
Special EventsNeighborhood Credit Union$1B+
Television AdvertisingTexoma Community Credit Union$101-$400M
Television AdvertisingGreater Texas Credit Union$401M-$1B
Video (Commercial) - SeriesWestern Sun Federal Credit Union$101-$400M
Video (Commercial) - SingleChocolate Bayou Credit Union$101-$400M
Video (Commercial) - SingleTinker Federal Credit Union$1B+
Video (Commercial) - SingleNeches FCU$401M-$1B
Video (Non-Commercial) - SeriesNeighborhood Credit Union$1B+
Video (Non-Commercial) - SingleCy-Fair Federal Credit Union$101-$400M
Video (Non-Commercial) - SingleTinker Federal Credit Union$1B+
Website/Landing PageGreater Texas Credit Union$401M-$1B
Website/Landing PageEducation Credit Union$101-$400M
Website/Landing PageTTCU Federal Credit Union$1B+

Cornerstone League offers its sincere thanks to the credit unions and employees who participated, and we are especially pleased to congratulate these distinguished award winners.