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Cornerstone’s advocacy team represents your interests on the federal and state level. With association offices just blocks from the Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Texas state Capitol buildings, our lobbying efforts involve researching issues, identifying and solidifying allies, and executing grassroots efforts designed to ensure your League’s and industry’s voices are heard with both legislators and regulators. Additionally, the League’s political action committees support credit union champions in state and federal legislatures.

Asset/Liability Management

Asset/Liability Management (ALM) Resources provide analysis, instruction, and guidance to promote credit union financial strength.

Participating credit unions receive a number of quarterly and annual reports, guidelines, and tools that are beneficial in developing a firm ALM foundation, as well as opportunities to participate in hands-on ALM workshops.

Chapter Program

Cornerstone’s chapters promote unity among credit unions in Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Texas through communication, training, career development, networking, and participation in community, state, and national projects that support the cooperative spirit of the credit union movement.

Credit union professionals are strongly encouraged to participate in local chapter programs and to help advance and promote the credit union community.

Council Program

Councils offer credit union employees and volunteers opportunities to network, learn, and grow relationships through interaction and communication facilitated by Cornerstone.

Cornerstone councils provide immediate access to topics and issues of the day through councils of professionals with shared interests or professional affiliations. In turn, members share—through the council program—best practices; the latest issues, trends, challenges, and opportunities facing credit unions; and guidance on preparing for future challenges and opportunities in the industry.

Communications & Outreach

The Cornerstone Credit Union League communications and outreach programs—including recognition programs and media/public relations—exist to distribute the latest insights, community activities, breaking advocacy and compliance news, and grow awareness of Cornerstone services and resources.

Through the many communications channels available today and emerging in the future, Cornerstone is accessible to credit union employees, keeping them abreast of the most up-to-date and comprehensive news and information affecting the credit union movement.

League Representatives

Cornerstone’s League Representative program serves all credit unions as the League’s front-line resource for credit union employees. League representatives are tasked with initiating contact with each member credit union on a regular basis, providing a wealth of services, including hands-on consulting, financial analysis, policy development, regulatory and compliance assistance, and training for credit union management, staff, and volunteers.

League representatives also work closely with the REAL Solutions program, which provides credit unions with tools and resources designed to help credit union leadership discover how best to serve the needs of their low- to moderate-wealth members.

Regulatory & Compliance

Keeping up with regulations is increasingly challenging. Fortunately, credit unions can count on dues-related services that include a toll-free hotline—InfoCentral—for a quick response to compliance questions. Other available services include InfoSite, an extensive searchable and routinely updated database that includes sample policies and changes in regulations; and an electronic newsletter powered by InfoSite to help you stay current with the regulatory environment.


From statistical summaries to community feedback—including comprehensive economic profiles—Cornerstone’s research staff are committed to expanding credit union knowledge and positions in the markets they serve through extensive research.

Results compiled from surveys and data analysis have allowed Cornerstone research professionals to evaluate the current state of affairs while also reflecting on ideas and actions from the past that impact the credit union movement.

Small Credit Union Development

With a significant percentage of credit unions designated as small credit unions, Cornerstone has dedicated significant resources to help these credit unions thrive, grow, and continue to succeed in serving their members.

By providing targeted education, training, regulatory and compliance assistance, Hot Topics notifications, and operational assistance, the small credit union department can effectively meet the needs of all smaller institutions while helping them address their unique challenges and opportunities.

Training & Events

Cornerstone’s training and events department is the industry’s preferred provider of learning and education of staff and volunteers. With a wide range of topics and venues, training and events offer a variety of movement-related educational and networking opportunities at conferences, schools and certificate programs, seminars, and online and on-demand training.


If your credit union is not currently a member of the Cornerstone Credit Union League and you would like to learn more, please contact Mike Delker at 800-442-5762 ext. 6826 or email

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Member Benefits Webinar

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