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Free one-on-one financial counseling


The Foundation has partnered with BALANCE to offer all 40,300 staff members in the Cornerstone region and Friends of the Foundation the opportunity to receive one-on-one coaching with a licensed financial coach/counselor for one year. Participants in this service will receive:

  1. A toll-free hotline (888-456-2227) for credit union staff, their dependents, and Friends of the Foundation to call with money management questions, schedule appointments for free budget counseling, or request information on a wide variety of financial issues. ** During their first call, individuals will need to state that they are with the Cornerstone Foundation, not their credit union or employer.
  2. Free, comprehensive, one-on-one money management, budget, and debt counseling to be provided by telephone.
  3. Educational materials and resources in electronic format to assist with personal finance education and personal financial wellness.
  4. Two free monthly educational webinars.
  5. Credit reports at participant's cost, with access to certified credit report reviewers to clarify content, answer questions, and provide tools to assist with fraud and/or legitimate dispute issues. Participant will be encouraged to request a free credit report. If participant is unable to receive a free credit report, the participant will be charged the current contracted price between BALANCE and the credit reporting agency.
  6. Debt solutions at participant’s cost.
  7. Access to the BALANCE housing department for participants who need special help with housing issues, from first-time home buying to foreclosure prevention.

YES, I would like to offer this service to my credit union staff! What’s next?

  1. Provide the toll-free hotline to staff immediately, OR
  2. To learn more, watch the educational webinar (Password: 8b^gg2$$) or view the flyer, then provide the hotline to staff.