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Small Credit Union Support

A large percentage of credit unions in the Cornerstone League region are designated as small credit unions. Cornerstone understands they have unique challenges and needs. We are here to assist with tools, resources, educational opportunities, and guidance to help small credit unions thrive and grow. 

Small Credit Union Educational Opportunities

While all Cornerstone League development opportunities are open to small credit unions, we also offer opportunities that speak to small credit unions’ specific needs.

Upcoming Training Specifically for Small Credit Unions

    Small Credit Union Forum

    Allen, TX

    A conference dedicated to smaller credit unions in the movement that provides training and networking.

    Small Credit Union Forum

    Kansas City, MO

    A conference dedicated to smaller credit unions in the movement that provides training and networking.

Free Registration for League Conferences

Cornerstone League member credit unions with $12 million in assets and under (based on assets as of year-end) are allowed one free registration to each major Cornerstone League conference:

April 3-5
Kansas City, MO


Sept. 2-6
Houston, TX

Tools and Resources for Small Credit Unions

From recorded educational content to handouts, glossaries, checklists, and FAQs, there are many resources available to small credit unions.

Small Credit Union Committee

The mission of the Small Credit Union Committee is to ensure first-hand insight into the needs of small credit unions and give them an empowering voice. Within the committee, working teams exist to provide a concentrated focus in the areas of advocacy, education, and engagement. The committee is appointed by the Cornerstone League board chairman and comprises credit union leaders from various chapter areas.

Committee Members
Asset Category Directors

Your Dedicated Small Credit Union Team

Angela Becerra wearing a black blazer with shoulder length brown hair

Angela Becerra
Operations Consultant & Program Specialist

Territory: CUs under $60 million in Southern Texas

Sarah Bowman with white blazer and rounded black glasses

Sarah Bowman
VP, Operations & Engagement

Territory: CUs under $60 million in Arkansas and Oklahoma

Ericka Calvillo

Ericka Calvillo
Engagement Consultant & Relationship Manager

Territory: CUs $60 million to $100 million

Not a Member?

This service is a Cornerstone League member benefit. If your credit union is not currently a member and you would like to learn more, visit the Benefits of Membership page.