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Asset/Liability Management

Cornerstone League provides analysis, instruction, and guidance to promote the financial well-being of credit unions. Asset/Liability Management is the process of ensuring that a credit union remains financially viable through adequate capital, stable earnings, and sufficient liquidity.

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Formulating Investment and/or ALM Policies

Cornerstone assists credit unions in creating investment and/or asset/liability management policies which meet the operational needs of the credit union and comply with NCUA/State Department of Credit Union guidelines.


Liquidity Analysis

This Excel based spreadsheet allows a credit union to determine liquidity seasonality or particular months of liquidity strain or surplus. Our staff assists with interpretation.

CU Specific Training

Cornerstone conducts onsite, customized credit union training for volunteers and staff. Training is individually tailored and highlights the asset liability management process, with particular emphasis on the strengths and weaknesses of the credit union. All will appreciate not only learning the general concepts of asset liability management, but ALM as it relates specifically to their own credit union operation.

The value of a credit union specific training session is that it:

  • Is less expensive than traditional training methods
  • Avoids travel for CU staff and volunteers
  • Is personalized to meet the credit union's particular needs
  • Allows the credit union to determine the length of training
  • Can be divided into different sessions tailored to meet individual needs of staff and volunteers

Virtual Training

Virtual training provides an economical opportunity for ALM consultation and training without leaving your credit union. This training also provides an exceptional opportunity for ALM input during strategic planning and a perfect venue for onsite discussions covering ALM related topics such as;

  • Understanding Financial Statements
  • 11 Key Ratios Every Credit Union Professional Should Know
  • Basics of GAP (Measuring Interest Rate Risk)
  • Market-Based Pricing of Shares
  • Market-Based Pricing of Loans
  • Issues to be addressed in an ALM Policy
  • Issues to be addressed in an Investment Policy
  • ALCO (Asset/Liability Management Committee)
  • Your Credit Union's Key Ratio Report

Virtual training provides an educational tool for board, management and staff to enhance their ability to evaluate the financial performance of the credit union.

ALM Mentoring

Credit union professionals desiring a greater knowledge of ALM fundamentals will benefit from ALM Mentoring. The specialized sessions include an overview of ALM principles and techniques with particular emphasis on the credit union's financial condition and core processes.

ALM mentoring is designed for individuals moving into senior management positions but who lack broad exposure to the ALM process. Training is tailored to meet the needs of the individual and conducted at their own pace. The information covered is roughly that of essentials and advanced workshops, yet expanded to include assessment of ALM procedures in the individual's credit union.

These mentoring sessions are valuable for new board and staff members or individuals assuming greater levels of responsibility within a credit union.