The Most Successful Fetch Marketing Campaigns Have This 1 Thing in Common

Posted: Jun 11, 2020 | Author: Mr. Chris McCullough

The Most Successful Fetch Marketing Campaigns Have This 1 Thing in Common

The last few months have been unprecedented for everyone, but we’re focusing on building toward the future. Helping credit unions add consumers among their memberships because they are the best financial services option for consumers. Adding loans to the books with target marketing efforts and monitoring the risk.

As we charge into the new normal, now is the time to look at how you’re marketing and selling your products. Take the time while your branches are closed or operating at lowered capacity to get your team on the same page. Ensure marketing is working with your sales and service teams to make all the new loans you can to assist members, particularly our most vulnerable ones. You’re using Fetch – of course – to promote all those great new programs you’ve created to help your members. Now what?

Here’s the secret to the credit unions that have found the most success with Fetch Marketing campaigns: Make the follow up phone call. A mailer or email will only get you so far, but the contact data our clients receive when a campaign has run is the gift that keeps on giving. (If you need help with outbound calls, Ser Tech can help with that, too! Contact us today to learn more.)

University of Nebraska FCU’s Fetch Marketing Triggers Campaign for auto loans earned the credit union $7.58 (in just the first year!) for every $1 invested in its campaign, in part because of the credit union’s follow-up calls. If those loans go longer, here’s what University of Nebraska FCU’s results will look like:

To read the full University of Nebraska FCU case study, click here!

So, to gear your team up to make those calls, here are a few best practices to ensure you get the most from Fetch Marketing:

  • Be positive when you reach out to your members and potential members. They can hear it on the phone. Confidence, motivation, patience and honesty will pay off.
  • Call outside of normal telemarketing hours – lunchtime, evening, late morning. Don’t make the calls when everyone else is. You want to speak with them, not be filtered out with the rest of their sales calls.
  • Build rapport. Use their language, find commonalities when speaking with them. People like doing business with other people, not a machine or someone simply sticking to a script.
  • Take notes when you talk to them, especially when you make promises or offer to follow-up. Ensure that you stick to your word and share those notes if they talk to one of your colleagues. Members can’t stand repeating themselves or getting conflicting information.
  • MANAGERS’ BONUS: Hire for personality in this role. It’s so much more important than skills, which can be taught.

Of course, there are always a few don’ts:

  • Apologize for calling. There’s a reason for your call, and you’re calling to help your member. That’s no reason to be sorry.
  • Be distracted. Turn off other devices and don’t type while they are talking. It sounds as if you aren’t paying attention, and they won’t believe you’re genuine, which will definitely impede your ability to close loans.
  • Guess when you don’t know the answer. Take the time to look it up or offer to follow up with an answer. You will lose the member’s trust if you guess and you’re wrong.
  • Be unprofessional. Don’t use slang, eat, smoke or have your cell nearby when making calls. Hopefully, this goes without saying.

There’s plenty of work to get you to the point when you can follow up with consumers to actively engage them and make a loan. Ser Tech can help you get there. Fetch Marketing was designed to target creditworthy consumers to give your credit union the most bang for your marketing budget. Check out how Ser Tech can supercharge your marketing to drive leads and sales.


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