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Let the PXT Select Assessment Help You Find the Right Talent

Every organization has felt the pain of making poor “people” decisions, as well as the joys of finding rising stars. The PXT Select assessment provides you the right information to make informed talent decisions so that you engage the right people. It measures how an individual fits specific jobs within your organization through assessing one’s thinking style, behavioral traits, and interests.

May 7, 2020

How to Work from Home Securely

As the coronavirus forces millions to work remotely, your company’s information security is facing unique challenges. This is because remote work environments don't usually have the same safeguards in place as those set up in the office.
May 6, 2020

Remote Auditing Becomes the New Normal

These are strange times. Highways are empty, city centers are deserted, and the songs of birds are audible again because air traffic has nearly disappeared.
Apr 16, 2020

The New Normal: Resuming Business In a Post COVID-19 World

We know from the experts that the coronavirus (COVID-19) will at some point reach a peak and die off, at which time we will all simply pick up and carry on in a “new” normal. But what will this new normal look like?


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