Cornerstone Development staff works on new, innovative programs for 2021

Posted: Dec 3, 2020 | Author: Cornerstone League
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“The visionary starts with a clean sheet of paper and re-imagines the world.” ~ Malcolm Gladwell, journalist, author, and public speaker

As we head into the holidays and the end of 2020, know that the Cornerstone League Development team is hard at work preparing for 2021. Staff members are constantly working to deliver quality education and experiences, researching timely, critical topics, and finding expert speakers to satisfy our members’ evolving needs.

Now’s the time to set aside funds for next year’s learning opportunities. Cornerstone will be providing affordable, top-notch training for you and your employees online and in person. Mark your calendars now for IMPACT Live! Executive Forum & Annual Business Meeting, April 7 -9. Cornerstone will be rolling out a new format to facilitate a smaller group due to COVID-19 restrictions. In addition, IMPACT Virtual will be an online, on-demand learning opportunity for those unable to attend the in-person meeting. Watch for more information coming soon.

The League is committed to promoting your success, delivering extraordinary value, and providing crucial support through its events, virtual training, roundtable discussions, a pandemic resources webpage, and Facebook pages for small credit unions and disaster updates.

For specific training needs, please email, so our team can help you determine the best options. 

Training Opportunities

Cornerstone offers a wide variety of training for credit union professionals.

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