Cornerstone League

Small Credit Union Committee

The mission of the Small Credit Union Committee is to ensure first-hand insight into the needs of small credit unions and give them an empowering voice. Within the committee, working teams exist to provide a concentrated focus in the areas of advocacy, education, and engagement. The committee is appointed by the Cornerstone League board chairman and is comprised of credit union leaders from various chapter areas.

Committee Members

Becky Brosius
Combined FCU

Windy Campbell
Electric Cooperatives FCU

Karyn Davis
UP Arkansas FCU

Kim De Leon
Cherokee County FCU

Jamie Flores
Doches CU

Christa Hollier
Golden Triangle FCU

Karen Montgomery
Union Fidelity FCU

Gary Parker
1st University CU

Becky Whitted
Northwest Arkansas FCU

Tammie Zacharie
Select FCU

Asset Category One Directors (under $51 million)

Region 1: James S. Tuggle, III
Transtar FCU

Region 3: Dale Hansard, Jr.
Caprock FCU

Region 6: Suzanne Chism
A New Direction CU

League Liaisons

Kati Buchanan
Operations & Engagement VP

Mike Delker
Credit Union Relations SVP

Sarah Bowman
Engagement Consultant & Program Manager
Angela Becerra
Operations Consultant & Program Specialist