Shelli McCoy, Class of 2015

Posted: Aug 9, 2022 | Author: Chief Retail Officer, First Central CU

Tarrant County’s Credit Union (TCCU) is on a mission to help with a revitalization project in Fort Worth TX, 4 miles from their downtown office.

This mission started as Shelli McCoy’s DE project after attending CUDE in January 2015.  In late 2015, McCoy saw a post about Purpose Built Communities, a non-profit consulting firm that works side-by-side with local leaders to plan and implement a holistic revitalization effort to break the cycle of intergenerational poverty. They do this by helping local leaders transform struggling neighborhoods, and bringing together the vital components necessary for holistic community revitalization: high quality mixed-income housing, an effective cradle-to-college education pipeline, and comprehensive community wellness resources, organized and driven by a single purpose non-profit community quarterback, Renaissance Heights United. 

McCoy quickly realized this was a community that dealt with all 12 Development Issues that she learned about in DE.  This community and these people were on a path to revitalize an area that for as long as most people can remember, folks in the area had to go elsewhere to shop for virtually anything, especially fresh produce that wasn’t available at countless convenience stores. Many had no transportation.  Now, Southeast Fort Worth is home to Tarrant County’s largest Wal-Mart and is serviced by The T/Fort Worth Transportation Authority. 

After being asked to serve as a Community Advisor with Renaissance Heights United by Larry Tubbs, the Renaissance Heights United Chairman and a Senior VP for Cook Children’s Hospital, McCoy put her year-long project in motion and began building relationships.  The dream is to radically change Southeast Fort Worth and TCCU wants to help by bringing financial education and help in other ways to each entity located in Renaissance Heights.

In August 2016, TCCU volunteered for a Back to School Rally at Uplift Mighty Preparatory, the Charter school in Renaissance Heights.  Volunteers helped with distribution of school supplies, directing traffic, and helping parents and children find events or information. TCCU also donated school supplies for the event from donations from TCCU staff.

McCoy DE1

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In September 2017, TCCU, a Real Solutions Credit Union, hosted its first Reality Fair at Uplift Mighty for 134 High School Juniors and Seniors, with the help of Paula Upchurch, Director of Real Solutions for Cornerstone Credit Union League.  The volunteers were made up of staff from other credit unions and credit union partners, including Resource One Credit Union, Texas People Federal Credit Union, Unity One Credit Union and Liberty Mutual Insurance.  TCCU was excited about the opportunity to host the first Reality Fair for the students of the Academy, providing them with financial education and resources to strengthen them for the future ahead.

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In October 2016, TCCU started on a path of providing Financial Education to ACH Child and Family Services located in Renaissance Heights, in what was once the Masonic Home and School of Texas.  TCCU purchased and began teaching Biz Kid$ at their Emergency Youth Shelter (Youth 10-17).  TCCU made a one year commitment to teach Biz Kid$ monthly for one hour and then donate the Biz Kid$ Kit to ACH for continuing financial education.  Shelli McCoy and TCCU’s Anita Valadez, Teller Supervisor, provided financial education to 126 students over the course of the year.  TCCU also made a commitment to teach Financial Education to young adults currently living at ACH as a part of their Life Skills project (Young Adults 18-22).  TCCU’s Melissa Burleson, Business Development Coordinator, provided monthly financial education for an hour and a half to 75 young adults over the course of the year.  In addition, TCCU’s Carla Reaves, Executive Vice President, conducted a class on job search, interviewing, and cover letter/resume techniques for 6 young adults in the Life Skills project.

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In September 2016, McCoy attended the groundbreaking of Renaissance Heights mixed-income housing development where residents soon will begin their lives as part of this revitalization project.  TCCU is already making plans in 2018 to help these residents with a planned community garden.  

McCoy DE9

McCoy DE10


In July 2017, TCCU donated a Biz Kid$ kit and (50) Biz Kid$ books, How to Turn $100 into $1,000,000 and  (3) Money Mammals books, DVD, and (190) Mini Fun books with a grant from Cornerstone Credit Union Foundation to Cook Children’s Neighborhood Clinic located in Renaissance Heights.  The clinic has agreed to play the DVD’s in their patient waiting area, hand out the fun books to their young patients, and give the BizKid$ books to older new patients.  Members of TCCU’s Board of Directors personally donated money to purchase a picnic table for the clinic for patient families and clinic employees.

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In December of 2017, TCCU donated 87 new children’s coats to children who attend the YMCA in Renaissance Heights and gave the gift of warmth.  The coats were donated by TCCU staff, Members, and Board Members.

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