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Free webinar Friday on MAP, data privacy, and security

Aug 22, 2019

CUNA launched its latest Member Activation Program (MAP) campaign on Aug. 15, calling on credit unions to make Congress aware that there cannot be data privacy without data security. CUNA will be hosting a free webinar on the campaign Aug. 23 at 10 a.m. (CDT).

"The goal of the MAP campaign is to educate credit union members about the ongoing and growing problem of data privacy and security breaches," said Cornerstone Credit Union League Chief Government Relations Officer Jim Phelps. "When members understand how significantly these incidents affect their credit unions and ultimately their own accounts and personal identity, they are motivated to reach out to their elected officials to demand change in the form of a data security standard that protects their information. This is why the MAP campaign is so important, and we hope credit union leaders across the Cornerstone region will attend this free webinar."

The MAP campaign also includes updates to CUNA’s website, which features updated information on data breaches in the U.S., information on preparing and protecting against data breaches, and a link for credit unions members to take action by directly contacting their legislators through email or social media. 

Additional information on MAP can be found on CUNA’s MAP homepage and CUNA’s MAP Community.