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Strategic CU Resources partnership fills market gap

Jul 22, 2020, 08:15 AM by Cornerstone League

Credit Union Resources, Inc. recently signed a new partner. E-Dealer Direct, a wholesale used vehicle auction marketplace for dealers, is the most recent Value-Added Service Provider to align with Cornerstone, expanding the opportunities credit unions have when selling repossessed automobiles in the market.

The partnership helps fill a gap in the marketplace, eliminating the middleman and directly connecting credit unions with auto dealers.

Credit union members who are considering a voluntary surrender will enjoy free access to E-Dealer Direct’s marketplace, resulting in higher trade offers on their vehicle, benefiting both them and their institution. E-Dealer Direct’s proprietary auction marketplace, unique pricing strategy, and nationwide buyer base better position credit unions to recover more wholesale market value on the sale of their repossessed vehicles. The organization prioritizes transparency in its operations—especially during the bidding process—and ensures customers a thorough audit trail on every repossession sold.

“This partnership not only helps fill a market gap for our credit union members that deal in the auto space, but also by collaborating with Credit Union Resources, E-Dealer Direct has the opportunity to expand its footprint in the Cornerstone region,” said Jeff Phillipich, Cornerstone vice president of product and business development.

E-Dealer CEO Victor Valenzuela is excited to help credit unions expand their marketplace opportunities. “Credit unions win when they leverage multiple markets,” said Valenzuela. “Our platform reaches over 30,000 buyers nationwide, generating a robust competitive environment for the diverse portfolio of assets our credit union partners allow us to represent.”

About E-Dealer Direct
E-Dealer Direct is a full-service online auction marketplace where dealers bid on an exclusive inventory of repossessions from credit unions. E-Dealer Direct’s broad buyer base helps credit unions recover more by generating robust competition around the sale of their repossessed assets. To learn more, visit the website at

About Cornerstone Credit Union Resources
Credit Union Resources is a service corporation that provides industry-leading solutions and expertise to credit unions across the country. Credit Union Resources is a part of the Cornerstone Credit Union League, a regional trade association representing the interests of credit unions in Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Texas. For more information, visit