Happy Holidays

Celebrating the December Holidays Inclusively

Posted: Dec 19, 2022 | Author: Cornerstone League

Happy Holidays! As joy and celebration fill the air, it’s important to remember that holiday celebrations are different for everyone. This holiday season, help create an inclusive environment for your credit union colleagues by following some of these tips:

  • Be mindful of word choice. As easy as it is to wish someone a “Merry Christmas,” consider saying “Happy Holidays” in a workplace setting. Opting for this greeting is an inclusive gesture, expanding your well-wishes to all holidays of this season.   
  • Avoid gift giving. Gift-giving etiquette varies across cultures and receiving a gift may make the recipient feel indebted to the gift giver. Instead, consider showing your appreciation by writing a “thank you” card or letter.
  • Donate together. Celebrate as a group by arranging a giving celebration. Many organizations are looking for donations at this time of year. Raise money for a special cause, collect food items for a local food bank, or gather items to donate to a shelter. You may even recruit employees to help plan or select the benefitting organization.
  • Give the gift of time. If you are a manager or team lead, offer flexibility in scheduling for diverse holidays. This applies not only to the December holidays, but year-round. See the following 2023 interfaith calendar for a look at major 2023 holidays across faiths.

When in doubt, ask your credit union’s leadership or DEI specialist for guidance on ways to celebrate. It is best to never make assumptions to someone’s preferences. Continue to maintain an open and welcoming atmosphere – during the December holidays and year-round – to ensure all individuals are comfortable in the workplace.

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