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A Global Connection from One YP’s Perspective

Posted: Dec 19, 2022 | Author: Cornerstone League

WYCUPOn Dec. 14, WYCUP—in collaboration with Cornerstone League—hosted the ConneXion Global Forum to connect credit union young professionals globally and spotlight new opportunities to engage internationally in the upcoming year.  

During the forum, there were several breakout sessions, which enabled YP attendees to connect with peers from the Cornerstone region and their counterparts from other parts of the U.S. and across the globe.

“As a YP located in Houston, Texas, I highly valued this part of the forum because it not only allowed an opportunity for networking, but it also allowed for discussion in a small group setting on challenges we are currently facing within our respective credit unions, subject areas, and regions,” said Gevon Calix, director of compliance at TDECU. 

She added that some of the challenges her group discussed included hiring, employee retention, differences of opinions between YPs and older-generation employees, and providing services to underbanked industries. “Although the challenges were not solved, the opportunity to discuss these topics with colleagues, who can relate from a YP perspective was refreshing,” she said.  

Calix said the forum was insightful because it enabled participants to get an inside look at how YPs and credit unions are engaging with their members, colleagues, and operations around the world.

“While we all might face similar challenges, the solutions may look different from credit union to credit union,” she said. “My main takeaway from this forum is that the future of the next generation of global credit union leaders remains very bright.” 

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