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Neighborhood’s Jessie Swendig charts her journey to CU leadership

Posted: Oct 5, 2023 | Author:
CU Times  leadership 

Jessie SwendigIn its latest “Journey to Credit Union Leadership” column, Natasha Chilingerian with Credit Union Times spotlights Neighborhood Credit Union’s Jessie Swendig, a Cornerstone Young Professional and League board member.

Swendig is senior vice president of marketing and community impact for the $1 billion credit union in Dallas, where she has served for over 10 years. As one of the youngest members of the senior leadership team, Swendig said she provides a fresh perspective on the best ways to engage with and reach the next generation of young adults.

“My deep passion for serving our communities and my commitment to being an advocate for the credit union industry in government affords me a mixture of knowledge and drive that helps me effect important changes within the credit union that benefit our members and protect the organization,” Swendig said.

Swendig’s responsibilities include managing and leading multiple areas of the business, including the management of vendor contracts and the credit card program, business development, and marketing communications. She is also one of the founders and the president of the Neighborhood Credit Union Foundation, an organization that provides free financial education to members and non-members.

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