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Arkansas primary election outcomes

Posted: Mar 6, 2024 | Author:
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Arkansas primary races were fewer than the last couple of cycles. There were no partisan challenges to the sitting incumbents in any statewide race. The two most significant races were the races for Arkansas Supreme Court and for the 3rd Congressional District. Those factors combined for a low turnout year. Early results indicated a 20% voter turnout.

Incumbent Rep. Steve Womack faced State Sen. Clint Penzo in the race for 3rd Congressional District. Penzo only raised about $50,000 and was able to garner 46% of the vote. While it was generally believed that Womack would win, few thought it would be that close, with only about 5,000 votes separating the two candidates.


State Senate

There were two challenges to sitting state senators: Steve Crowell in District 3 (Magnolia Clark, Columbia, Hempstead County area) and Dave Wallace in District 19 (Blytheville Mississippi County area). Both candidates won with over 70% of the vote, despite significant opposition spending. Sitting Sen. Linda Chesterfield (D) did not run for reelection and will be replaced by sitting State Rep. Jamie Scott (D) who ran unopposed for the seat. The Senate will remain 29 Republicans and 6 Democrats.


State House of Representatives

In the House, 10 members chose not to run for reelection: Berry (R), C. Fite (R), L. Fite (R), Flowers (D), Fortner (D), Haak (R), Miller (R), Nicks (D), and Watson (R). In all but one of these races, the political party holding the seat is expected to be constant. Nine incumbent members faced opponents, but all of them withstood their challengers.

The nominees for the vacant seats that are expected to win in November (in district order):

1.  Jason Nazarenko (R)

14. Nick Burkes (R)

17. Randy Torres (R)

24. Brad Hall (R)

41. Alyssa Brown (R)

62. Dexter Miller (D)

63. RUNOFF (D): Fred Leonard and Lincoln Barnett

65. Glenn Barnes (D)

83. Paul Childress (R)

88. RUNOFF (R): Dolly Henley and Arnetta Bradford

96. Robin Roark (D)

The one race where there is a possibility of a party change is in District 35 (Crittenden County area) with Republican nominee Robert Thorne, Jr. and the winner of the Democrat runoff between Jessie McGruder and Raymond Whiteside.

This will keep the balance in the House likely at 82 Republicans and 28 Democrats.



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