Cornerstone Foundation introduces Spanish version of BALANCED Life Classroom Simulation

Posted: Aug 2, 2023 | Author: Cornerstone League
BALANCED Life  Cornerstone Foundation 

Cornerstone FoundationThe Cornerstone Foundation has launched a Spanish version of its financial wellness budgeting simulation called the BALANCED Life Classroom Simulation. This innovative tool helps students learn about money management in an interactive and enjoyable way.

Financial wellness is a crucial topic in the United States. By partnering with nonprofit financial institutions, schools and nonprofit organizations can empower students to become financially secure adults. The simulation is designed to achieve the same goals as an in-person reality fair, but it can be completed in under one hour in a virtual classroom. Best of all, the BALANCED Life Classroom Simulation doesn’t require volunteers, just one facilitator.

Like the reality fairs, participants will be given real-life adult scenarios that require them to make decisions about food, housing, transportation, clothing, and more without busting the budget. It's a great way to challenge students and prepare them for the real world.

This exercise is aligned with national financial education standards established around decision-making, earning income, saving, and purchasing goods and services. It also includes a pre-lesson on the PACED decision-making model and a post-lesson to practice math (percentages) while reinforcing budget categories.

To learn more about BALANCED Life Classroom Simulation in Spanish and to find pricing details, please visit our website at BALANCED Life Products. The Foundation is eager to help your students build a strong financial foundation while having fun and learning interactively. 



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