Cornerstone Foundation grants and scholarships: Empowering credit unions

Posted: Jul 26, 2023 | Author: Cornerstone League
Cornerstone Foundation  Grants and Scholarships 

The Cornerstone Foundation, a leading philanthropic organization that supports credit unions and their communities, has been instrumental in awarding various grants and scholarships in 2023. These initiatives aim to empower credit unions, foster professional development, and provide essential aid to those in need.

1. Professional Development Grants and Scholarships ($303,352)

A primary focus of the Cornerstone Foundation in 2023 is to enhance professional development opportunities for credit union professionals and Young Professionals (YP) in the region. The Foundation has provided support to six Cornerstone chapters, 78 credit union training calendars, YP Advisors, YP Crashers at ELEVATE Credit Union Leadership Summit, YP development in the Cornerstone region, DE Workshop scholarships, CU FinHealth scholarships, and small credit union assistance.

These grants and scholarships are pivotal in empowering credit union employees with the necessary skills and knowledge to excel in their roles. By investing in professional development, the Cornerstone Foundation aims to create a strong and capable workforce to serve our members and communities better.


2. Southwest CUNA Management School (SCMS) Scholarships ($59,483)

Recognizing the importance of education in the credit union industry, the Cornerstone Foundation has awarded 56 SCMS scholarships. The Southwest CUNA Management School is renowned for its comprehensive curriculum and training, producing future credit union leaders. By supporting these scholarships, the Foundation fosters the growth of talented individuals who will positively impact the credit union movement for years.


3. Community Development Grants ($48,700)

The Cornerstone Foundation understands the crucial role credit unions play in community development. As part of their commitment to supporting local communities, they have awarded Community Development Grants to five credit unions. These grants are designed to facilitate projects and initiatives that address specific community needs, such as financial wellness, affordable housing initiatives, and community outreach projects.

One noteworthy aspect of the Community Development Grants is that each credit union is eligible for one grant with no application deadline. This provides ample opportunities for credit unions to make a lasting and meaningful impact in their communities throughout the year.


4. Disaster Relief Grants ($74,960)

In times of crisis, the Cornerstone Foundation has extended a helping hand. In 2023, the Foundation provided crucial Disaster Relief Grants to assist individuals from 21 credit unions affected by disasters. During Phase I, $64,960 was disbursed to aid 86 individuals, and in Phase II, $5,000 was allocated for ongoing relief efforts. Additionally, the World Council of Credit Unions (WOCCU) received $5,000 for relief initiatives in Turkey and Syria.

Cornerstone Disaster Relief Grants have offered much-needed support to credit union members and communities facing hardships, helping them rebuild and recover from disasters.


Encouragement for Applicants 

The Cornerstone Foundation invites all eligible credit unions to take advantage of the Community Development Grants available throughout 2023. These grants present a unique opportunity for credit unions to amplify their positive impact on the communities they serve. 


A Heartfelt Thank You 

The grants and scholarships awarded by the Cornerstone Foundation would not have been possible without the generous contributions from donors who share the same passion for empowering credit unions and strengthening communities. Their support has made a significant difference in the lives of credit union professionals, members, and communities. 

As the year progresses, the Cornerstone Foundation remains steadfast in its commitment to serving credit unions and their communities. Through ongoing grants and scholarships, they are fostering growth, innovation, and community development in the credit union movement, making a positive and lasting impact on countless lives. 

For any inquiries or questions regarding the grants program, interested parties can email Emily Moreno



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