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PrimeWay FCU gives $10,000 in free groceries and $7,500 in free gas

Posted: Aug 3, 2022 | Author: Cornerstone League
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On two days in June and July, PrimeWay Federal Credit Union of Houston surprised people with free groceries and free gas.

On June 27, PrimeWay surprised 100 grocery shoppers at a Foodarama store with $100 gift cards, totaling $10,000. Two lucky shoppers had up to $500 of their grocery bill paid. 

On July 21, PrimeWay provided a second surprise to Houston-area residents by giving away $7,500 in free gas. PrimeWay partnered with iHeart radio stations in Houston and gave 150 people $50 in gas.

Annette Zimmerman, president and CEO of PrimeWay, said both giveaways were part of PrimeWay’s “Live Positively” campaign. 

“Being able to help our community in any way possible is something we are proud of and obligated to do,” Zimmerman said.

Primeway gas giveaway

Both giveaways highlighted the credit union’s mission to help people and positively impact local communities. PrimeWay also eliminated overdraft fees to help lessen the financial strain on its members.

“These events aren’t just helpful to the community; they are motivating for our team,” said Chief Marketing Officer Michelle Oshinski. “When you see firsthand how much difference even a small contribution makes in a person’s life, you can’t help but ask yourself how you can help them strengthen their financial position. Our team is energized to be even better at what we do daily each time we host an event like this.”

During the gas giveaway, a mother with her toddler in the back seat, tearfully expressed her gratitude. She explained that she was going through cancer treatments, and with inflation and health expenses, every penny made a difference in her life. 

“Planning events like this allows us to really get involved with our community and get to know what they need,” Zimmerman said. 


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