Sister Societies

Oklahoma and Texas Sister Society chapters collaborate

Posted: Jul 13, 2022 | Author: Cornerstone League
Sister Society 

Sister Society chapters from Oklahoma and Texas met by video conference for an evening of networking and professional development. With the help of Cornerstone League, credit union professionals gathered in person locally while sharing the same virtual speaker, Carol Schillios.

Schillios, a passionate change-maker and champion of credit unions, has four decades as a master trainer and keynote speaker at state, national, and international events. She spoke on empathy and the skill of reflective, or active, listening. Through group discussion and interaction, attendees applied their active listening skills to different member and colleague scenarios.

One of the eight cooperative principles of credit unions is “Cooperation Among Cooperatives,” which means cooperatives serve members most effectively and strengthen the cooperative movement by working together. The collaborative nature of June’s Sister Society events is an example of this principle in action.

For more information regarding Sister Societies, including upcoming meetings and how you can get involved in an existing or new chapter, visit Sister Societies


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