Cornerstone League Announces New Hires

Posted: Apr 28, 2021 | Author: Cornerstone League

The Cornerstone League has announced the addition of three employees: Sarah Bowman, Ericka Calvillo, and Shoaib Salamat.

Sarah Bowman

Sarah Bowman

Sarah Bowman is Cornerstone’s new engagement consultant and program manager. She will serve small credit unions and lead the Young Professionals (YP) program. Bowman brings seven years of credit union experience to Cornerstone, having most recently worked on Oklahoma Central Credit Union’s marketing team. As a passionate credit union advocate, Bowman will leverage her creativity to bring fresh ideas on engaging small credit unions.

Ericka Calvillo

Ericka Calvillo

Ericka Calvillo is the engagement consultant and relationship manager serving midsize-to-large credit unions. Calvillo is a 20-year credit union veteran who brings a diverse perspective to Cornerstone. Having worked as a director of strategic services, training specialist, and marketing director, Calvillo has spent her career serving credit unions and supporting their mission through a strategic and creative lens.

Shoaib Salamat

Shoaib Salamat

Shoaib Salamat is Cornerstone’s new SVP of administration, overseeing financial reporting, accounting, and administrative functions.  Salamat has been in the financial services industry for 20 years and served previously as a controller at various financial institutions. Among his specialties are internal controls, financial reporting and monitoring, and SOX process management.

“I’m excited to join the Cornerstone League in a role that promises to be both challenging and rewarding,” said Salamat. “I can already see that it’s a great organization with a strong commitment to serving and supporting our member credit unions. I look forward to sharing in that commitment.”

Cornerstone League President and CEO Caroline Willard said the new additions to the team will help the organization re-imagine its engagement with members as the nation emerges from the coronavirus pandemic. The new hires come on the heels of former EVP/CFO/CAO Karen Hart’s retirement earlier this month, after 41 years with Cornerstone.

“So encompassing and critical were Hart’s contributions to Cornerstone that we divided her duties between multiple departments,” said Willard. “I’m proud to welcome Sarah, Ericka, and Shoaib, whose expertise and experience will be valuable to the organization.”

About Cornerstone League
Cornerstone League is the nation’s largest regional credit union trade association, serving more than 450 credit unions in Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Texas. Cornerstone exists to advance the success of credit unions in the region through legislative and grassroots advocacy; regulatory and compliance support; training, educational, and networking opportunities; essential communications related to news and information affecting the credit union industry; and other products and services that establish Cornerstone as the essential partner for credit unions. For more information, visit


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