CFPB Report on Medical Billing Complaints

Posted: Apr 28, 2022 | Author: CFPB
CFPB  compliance  lending & collections 

The CFPB recently issued a report that examines the financial consequences of medical billing and collections endured by individuals and families across the country. The report draws from the rising volume of medical billing and collection complaints submitted to the CFPB. The CFPB is using today’s research to strengthen its across government and industry efforts to support patients and families suffering the consequences of medical billing and collections. Among the key findings from today’s reports are that people:

Do not recognize or owe alleged medical bills, but they continue to be contacted by debt collectors. Debt collectors are required to take reasonable steps to verify debts. Yet, in some complaints, individuals stated that they did not recognize the company sending them collection notices or that the notices did not contain sufficient information to identify and verify the alleged debt.

  • Suspect unpaid medical bills are being surreptitiously and unlawfully placed on their credit reports. Many people submitting complaints about medical bills state that they only realized the bills were in collections when they checked their credit report or when they were applying for credit. This coercive use of the credit reporting system by debt collectors is an illegal but common debt collection tactic, especially for error-prone debts, such as medical bills.


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