2022 Education Planning Resources

Posted: Dec 2, 2021 | Author: Cornerstone League
Experiences & Events 

We have prepared a calendar of our signature events for 2022 to help you start making your training and development plans. If you are looking for specific training that you don’t see listed, please reach out to the team We’d love to help.

With the help of insightful experts, skilled practitioners, and esteemed partnerships, Cornerstone aims to complement every credit union employee’s work experience with the career trajectory of their dreams. Never underestimate the effect that learning opportunities can have on you and your staff as you work to grow and sustain your credit union.

As you plan your professional development and required training for the year, don’t forget that as a Cornerstone member credit union, you are eligible to apply for a Credit Union Development Grant offered through the Cornerstone Foundation.

Training Opportunities

Cornerstone offers a wide variety of training for credit union professionals.

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