Comprehensive Credit Union Board Course

The presence of strong board leadership creates a sustainable advantage for a credit union. However, in the absence of board leadership, a credit union will likely suffer financially, and ultimately hurt its members. Finding the right balance between board and management leadership is essential to creating sustainable culture, reducing risk, and providing value to members.

Course Curriculum

The online training includes seven instructional modules:

  1. Understanding Credit Unions
  2. Your Role as a Credit Union Board Member
  3. What Your Board Packet is Really Telling You
  4. Red Flags for Directors
  5. Board Chair Roles and Responsibilities
  6. Situational Strategies for Credit Union Boards
  7. Board Communication Skills

Each module contains multiple short and easy-to-comprehend video units, printable key definitions and takeaways, a quiz, and a bonus video containing instructor insight – which is a quick, informal, conversational summary, and some parting wisdom from Ancin Cooley.

Who Should Participate?

Credit Union CEO and Board members


Presenter - Ancin Cooley, CIA, CISA

Ancin Cooley

Ancin Cooley is the founder and principal of Synergy Bank Consulting, Inc. Synergy provides a suite of risk management services to financial institutions, which include loan reviews, information technology audits, internal audits, directors' exams, and regulatory compliance reviews. As principal, Cooley manages a growing portfolio of clients with assets ranging from $100 million to over $800 million dollars.

With more than 10 years of experience in the industry, he has gained deep, first-hand knowledge. Previously, he served as an examiner at the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC). During his tenure at the OCC, he performed safety and soundness examinations at community and mid-size banks that ranged from $100 million to $8 billion dollars in total assets. After leaving the OCC, Cooley worked for a regional accounting firm where he led internal audits, as well as loan and pre-regulatory examiner reviews.

Cooley designs and delivers trainings throughout the industry and is a well sought-after expert contributor to a host of financial publications. He has most recently been featured in Forbes Magazine and The Independent Banker.

Educational Investment

Fee Per Person Per Webinar

Individual - 1 person$600
3 - 5 people$2,400 - as low as $480/person
6 - 12 people$3,500 - as low as $292/ person



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