Brad Hickey, Class of 2016

Posted: Jan 23, 2024 | Author: Brad Hickey, American Airlines FCU

CU Build: CU Build is a nonprofit initiative that facilitates an annual multi-credit union build-a-thon, colloquially known as a hackathon, specifically tailored for credit unions within the Jack Henry ecosystem. Originating as a DE Project, CU Build's inception was rooted in the principles of the National Credit Union Foundation's Credit Union Development Educator (CUDE) program.

Since its establishment, CU Build has successfully organized three annual build-a-thons, with the most recent event being held in July of this year.

Over the years, CU Build has been a beacon of innovation, collaboration, and development for the credit union industry. With each build-a-thon, we've seen participation from numerous credit unions and vendor-partners that come together to tackle industry challenges. We have seen the creation of 8-10 solutions every year that directly address various concerns within the credit union ecosystem. Through the lens of competition and collaboration, CU Build not only fosters technological advancements but also nurtures the cooperative principles intrinsic to the credit union ethos.

Primarily, CU Build addresses the Technology development issue, a paramount concern in the ever-evolving landscape of the financial industry. With the rapid pace of technological advancements, it's crucial for credit unions to stay ahead of the curve to serve their members effectively. Through our build-a-thon, we provide a platform where credit unions can come together to brainstorm, innovate, and create solutions that cater to the unique technological needs of the credit union industry.

Indirectly, CU Build also touches upon the other 11 development issues. Each solution crafted at our events, while rooted in technology, often has broader implications. For instance, a digital tool designed to enhance member communication might inadvertently foster stronger community engagement or an app geared towards financial literacy could address economic challenges faced by members. In essence, while technology is our primary focus, the ripple effects of our efforts extend far beyond, encapsulating the myriad developmental issues that credit unions strive to address.

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