Dues Supported Services

Services available at no cost to Cornerstone Credit Union League's member credit unions.


RateMap is a unique interest rate comparison tool designed to assist with your competitive analysis strategies, increase your pricing advantage, improve decisions on product offerings, and drive more revenue to the bottom line.

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Credit Union Statistics & Reports

Get the latest statistics on the credit union industry. Documents include: credit union overviews, historical trends, asset quality and trends, operating ratios and spreads, and benefits of membership reports.

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Fee Based Services

Are your members and employees loyal and satisfied? How do you know? Sometimes the obvious is not what it appears, and playing guessing games can leave you vulnerable. Cornerstone Credit Union Research can explore and measure member and employee satisfaction and loyalty because we’re professional marketing research experts that deliver actionable results.

Potential Research Topics

PFI Selection... and Defection
Borrowing Patterns
Technology Needs & Concerns
Net Promoter Score
Employee Satisfaction & Engagement
Service Satisfaction
Millennial & Gen Z Insights

Delivery Channel Preferences
Non-Member Feedback
Market Share
Viability of New Services
Share of Wallet
Pain Points

Customized Member Surveys

Our customized member surveys are designed to deliver insights about the overall customer experience - from the member’s perspective.

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Focus Groups

Focus groups provide a systematic and productive means of exploring – in-depth –your members’ values, motivations, goals, and behavior with respect to their financial lives.

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Employee Surveys

Our employee surveys provide accurate and cost-effective feedback that will benefit everyone, from tellers to the CEO.

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Member Experience Surveys

The semi-customized member experience survey is an economical alternative to the customized member survey and gives meaningful and actionable insights.

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Compensation Survey

Our compensation survey compares compensation between credit union peer groups and counterparts in the banking industry.

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Other Areas of Research

Cornerstone conducts branding, advertising, ease of use, and wallet-share research to assist your credit union in reaching full potential.

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