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Workers CU Airs 'Bank Like a Big Wig' Ad During Super Bowl
Monday, February 5, 2018 6:35 AM

big wig ad

A successful Boston-area credit union ad campaign gained even more exposure when it aired during the Super Bowl on Sunday. With the launch of Adrenaline’s “Bank like a Big Wig” campaign, Workers Credit Union has seen record-breaking lift, not only in the coveted consumer brand affinity, but also, and more importantly, in new membership acquisition.

Given the campaign’s success merely three months in, Workers CU in Fitchburg, Mass., elected to place the spot alongside the most-watched, anticipated, and scrutinized advertisements of the year.  

Watch the 'Bank Like a Big Wig' ad.

The ad was created by the ad agency Adrenaline on behalf of Workers CU. With branches across suburban Boston, Workers wanted a distinctive campaign focused on service, while also overcoming any confusion associated with its name. 

The result is “Big Wigs” born from the straightforward tagline “Bank like a Big Wig.” Adrenaline’s Creative Director Ty Wong describes how the campaign transforms its members from ordinary blue- and white-collar workers into literal big wigs. “The absurdity of massive, Victorian-era, powdered, white wigs serves as a visual device to make the campaign humorous and memorable,” Wong says.

The use of irreverent humor went against the grain of financial services advertising, resulting in 664 new physical visits to a branch location in just one month alone. The media campaign consisting of video platforms, radio, outdoor, and digital display surpassed its goal by more than 26 percent. The website also got more traction because of the campaign with a year-over-year increase of 17.23 percent, almost doubling its average for the year. 

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