Breakout Session #9

Erin Wilson

Is Your Credit Union Texting Its Members and Increasing Funding Ratios by 40%?
Erin Wilson, Zipwhip, Seattle, Washington

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Use two-way business texting to reach your members and drive more business. Texting is a tool that's available to nearly everyone, and members often prefer using it to reach credit union representatives because it's simple and quick to use.   Not all forms of communication are created equal. Phone calls, voicemails, and emails are oversaturated. Text message has an astronomical response/open rate of 90% or higher, whereas phones and emails have a dwindling response rate of 22%. Business texting gives you the ability to log, record and retain all conversation between employee and member instead of using your personal cell phone. Your collection/asset recovery teams may be struggling with a low percentage of responses from your delinquent members, causing higher charge-offs and decreasing revenue for your institutions. By reaching out via a direct, non-confrontational channel of communication, text messaging, organizations observe a huge spike in responses. Since text messaging has become the de facto form of communication among people today, your members not only assume that you can text, but expect you to. Join Erin Wilson with Zipwhip as she shows you how conversational business texting allows you to improve efficiency throughout the lending process and improve the member experience.  

About Erin Wilson

Erin Wilson is a Senior Account Executive at Zipwhip. In her current role, she helps credit unions develop communication strategies that follow TCPA compliance and improve their daily operational effectiveness. Erin notably specializes in mid-market deals, and is focused on creating unique relational sales experiences with clients by providing services that they truly need.

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