Breakout Session #5

John Baptista

Building Upon One’s Consumer Lending Knowledge
John Baptista, Impact Training & Consulting, Loveland, Colorado

Historically the American way has been buy today, pay tomorrow. However, since 2008 that philosophy has begun to change. Consumers are seeing the mentality of borrow, borrow, borrow, can be dangerous and can lead a person into financial disaster. Consumer lending is not a skill one learns quickly or even masters It takes time and practice. This presentation covers information to expand your knowledge on consumer lending.

Topics to be covered include:

  • How To Effectively Communicate With Members During The Loan Interview
  • The Challenges Of The Loan Interview
  • Techniques To Build Member Relationships Using A Consumer Loan Application
  • Structuring Loans
  • The Red Flags And Challenges Associated With Lending

Target Audience: The presentation is geared for a variety of employees from novices to those somewhat more advanced. For those starting out, hopefully they attend the first breakout session. For those with a greater degree of experience, this presentation will expand and refresh their knowledge.

About John Baptista

John Baptista Jr., knows the financial industry and the business world. He left the world of commercial banking and entered the private business sector. Having the financial background made the transition to being a successful business owner an easy one. As a trainer and consultant, his background links his experiences as a highly sought after speaker. With a strong knowledge of customer relations and real world experiences, he brings a unique learning dimension to each of his programs. John is an award winner in the area of customer service and as the youngest branch manager in the history of one of the largest California Banks, he recognized early the importance of customer service. John takes the material and transforms it to the real world using a variety of teaching techniques and methods.

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