Breakout Session #4

Mike Smith

Staffing Your MBL Program for Maximum Success
Mike Smith, CU Business Group, Portland, Oregon

Is your member business services department properly staffed?  Staffing is a critical component for a successful MBL program. We'll discuss key strategies for staffing, whether your program is well-established or just starting out.  Hear key considerations including what examiners say about staffing, the right amount of experience for maximum success, and the biggest staffing mistakes credit unions make in their MBL programs.  In addition you'll learn how to benchmark you program, gain insight into compensation plans and how to hire the right people for your Credit Union.

About Mike Smith

Mike has more than 24 years of experience in commercial banking, business consulting and education. Before joining CUBG he served as a Commercial Loan Officer and Vice President of a Texas based community bank where he was responsible for business development and portfolio management with an emphasis on real estate and healthcare banking. Previously he was Director of the Small Business Development Center and an adjunct instructor at Lone Star Community College System in Houston. Mike has been with CUBG for 9 years and consults with credit unions in the Midwest region of the United States on all aspects of business services and develops curriculum for CUBG's education programs.

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