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Small Credit Union Educational Opportunities

Small Credit Union Forums

A conference designed specifically for small credit unions, this low-cost conference is an opportunity for small credit union professionals and directors in the Cornerstone Region to meet some of their required training needs such as BSA/OFAC and Financial Literacy Training.

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Small Credit Union Workshops

The Cornerstone Credit Union League provides training workshops for small credit unions each year. The workshops are open to all small credit union staff, directors and volunteers. Credit unions affiliated with the Cornerstone Credit Union League are welcome and encouraged to attend any of the workshops.

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No Cost Registration for League Conferences

Cornerstone Credit Union League affiliated credit unions with $10 million in assets and under (based on assets as of year-end) are allowed free registration to major League conferences: Annual Meeting and Leadership Summit. This offer is limited to one free registration per credit union for each of these conferences.

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CUNA CPD Online Training Program

CPD Online is an online training resource offered through CUNA that is specific to the credit union industry’s training needs. This online training program offers over 350 training courses that include everything from Accounting, Budgeting and Finance courses to Volunteer courses and everything in between. Preferred pricing is available for credit unions with assets under $50M and even deeper discounts for credit unions under $20M in assets.

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Small Credit Union Chapter Area Meetings

Regular meetings are held in respective chapter areas focusing on small credit union issues, and providing an excellent opportunity to network. The meeting is coordinated by the Small CU Committee member representing the chapter area and is available free or low-cost.